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Favourite Every Day Foundations

Choosing a foundation can be very overwhelming with all the brands, formulas and colours. Where to begin? When choosing an every day foundation, choose something that is good for your skin type and also offers the type of coverage you desire - sheer, medium or full. As a daily foundation, personally I try and go for something that has medium coverage, and a dewy or satin finish. Now being in my early 40’s my skin tends to be on the drier side, and of course battling fine lines is inevitable, so I also want to look for something that offers hydration and doesn't settle in the lines too much. Of course you can always use a primer to counter act this and enhance the longevity of the products you are using.

When applying foundation start with the centre of your face - as this is where most people need coverage, particularly under the eyes, around the nose, chin and forehead. Then blend it out towards the hairline. Don’t forget to blend under the chin and down the neck to ensure a seamless look.

It's all about that base. You can find a good daily foundation at any price point. The ones listed here below are a medium to higher price point. I believe if there’s makeup to invest in - it’s your base, as it will set the stage for the rest of your makeup application.

IT Cosmetics - CC+ Cream Your Skin But Better

This is a go-to every day formula for me. It has great full coverage and a little dab will do ya. Mix it with moisturizer for sheer it down. Evens out skin without feeling heavy like some full coverage foundations. I like using a full dome shaped foundation brush to apply. Apply product to the face, and then use pressing or tapping motions to blend product into the skin.

Tip: If you find you're a bit shiny in the T-zone, a light dusting of translucent finishing powder afterwards usually does the trick to remove any excess shine.

IT Cosmetics - CC+Cream, $52 The colour I use is Medium.

Bare Minerals - Original Powder Foundation

I’ve been using Bare Minerals for years. I started using it originally because I was noticing that my skin would break out easily, and at the time I was learning mineral foundations were good for sensitive/breakout prone skin. So I decided to give this a try and have never looked back. I tend to use this more in the warmer months as it gives a luminous glow and it holds up to the humidity. When I get compliments on how good my skin looks, I’m usually wearing this foundation. Apply to the skin using a full dome-shaped foundation brush or kabuki brush moving in a circular motion. The product is buildable, so I suggest starting with a little and work your way up to the coverage that you’re most happy with. As the product warms to the face it melts in and looks like skin, and gives a nice healthy glow.

Tip: If you apply a primer, make sure it has time to set before applying this foundation or else you may see pilling as you buff the foundation into the skin.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation, $38 The colour I use is Neutral Ivory.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

This is a new find for me. The Bobbi Brown aesthetic is the epitome of every day beauty for me, and I believe their products cater well to people who are to enhance their natural beauty with minimal effort. I decided to try the foundation stick because like many of you out there, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on doing my makeup in the mornings. Having a stick foundation is something that I can use quickly, requires little effort, and can be used on the go. This is a nice creamy formula that offers medium to full coverage and blends very smoothly. It’s also very moisturizing and feels light on the skin. Apply directly to the face, and blend with your fingers, a foundation brush or sponge for a nice even coverage.

Bobbi Brown, Skin Foundation Stick, $59 The colour I use is Neutral Sand.

Of course there are so many fantastic brands and formulas out there I still have to try. What are some of your favourites for an every day base?

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