I am Lesley-Ann Maltar, and I am a Makeup & Hair Artist.  I maybe a newer artist to the industry, but deep down I've been an artist years.

In the summer of 2019, I left the corporate world to go after my passion for makeup and hair design.  I actually started perusing this career years ago prior to being swept into the world of restaurant marketing.  After much thought and discussion with family and friends (and a LOT of self-talk and prayer) I went back to school to earn my diploma in Advanced Fashion & Bridal Makeup Artistry.  I was also honoured to receive a Creative Artistry Award from my school at graduation.  I've had some amazing opportunities and met great artists along the way who have shown me a new direction.

Every day I'm focusing on learning, growing, and improving my craft so that I can bring you the best of me as an artist, and make you - my clients (and future clients), feel like the best version of yourself.  I can offer you looks anywhere from classic and timeless to trendy and even more avant garde.  I listen to each client to make sure they get what they came in for and so much more.  Get ready to look and feel stunning!

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